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Adventures in Sitting Still

“My eyes blood shot, but my jet don’t lag.” Jay-Z Unfortunately, I don’t have the privilege of flying in a private jet. So sometimes Hov, I DO get jet-lagged.

Where In The World is Eric M. Ruiz?

These past few months have been filled with a hectic travel schedule. And in the forthcoming weeks, I’ll make my way to Israel, France, The Netherlands and most likely Brazil. While physically I have and will be all around the globe, mentally I’ve been on a voyage as well. No, I haven’t lost my marbles or shaven my head (again) in a quarter life crisis. Rather I have found that the constant traveling.. Read More

Wazing Through Los Angeles

I just returned from a productive and amazing trip through the City of Angels. As with any trip to LA, I knew I would spend plenty of time on the road. Even driving from Santa Monica to Venice was an ordeal. And it’s only  few miles away! Luckily I had two things with me that make any drive bearable. You already know Waze is one of them. And in addition, I had some.. Read More