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Adventures in Sitting Still

“My eyes blood shot, but my jet don’t lag.” Jay-Z Unfortunately, I don’t have the privilege of flying in a private jet. So sometimes Hov, I DO get jet-lagged.

Where In The World is Eric M. Ruiz?

These past few months have been filled with a hectic travel schedule. And in the forthcoming weeks, I’ll make my way to Israel, France, The Netherlands and most likely Brazil. While physically I have and will be all around the globe, mentally I’ve been on a voyage as well. No, I haven’t lost my marbles or shaven my head (again) in a quarter life crisis. Rather I have found that the constant traveling.. Read More

Eat (Al)right When You Travel

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Over the last month, I’ve been to SD, LA, NYC (x 2) and Las Vegas. It’s been glorious. But if there is one downside, it is that this traveling takes its toll on my body. I’m not just talking about the fatigue either. I’m referring to eating habits. Even a few days of travel can throw off your eating schedule. So in effort to keep my body.. Read More