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Fashawn and Our Relationships with Hometowns

Two hours south of my hometown of Modesto, Ca., is the city of Fresno. With a population just north of 500,000, it’s colloquially referred to as a “bigger Modesto.” The description is apt, as both cities share an agricultural heritage and both cities have fallen on economic hard times. Forbes has both cities ranked back-to-back as some of America’s Worst Cities For Jobs. And if that weren’t enough, a quick Google search has.. Read More

Ten Songs For Throwback Thursday

I love Throwback Thursday. Mostly because I love to reminisce and share pictures of when I used to be fat. Which was basically like 5 years ago. Hooray at no longer being chubby Eric. But perhaps the biggest reason why I enjoy Throwback Thursday, or #tbt as the kids call it, is because it gives me an excuse to share and talk about the music from years gone by.