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Is Winning The Only Thing That Matters? A Look At Football and Business

It was very frustrating watching yesterday’s game between Mexico and the United States.  One team was playing to win and one team was playing not to lose.  Mexico came out attacking and had several chances to put the match away. The US meanwhile showed up to defend, dropping as many as nine players in there half to contain the Mexican forwards. After the first five minutes, it became apparent that the US was.. Read More

Why I Pick Mexico Over The USA (In Football).

Later today, the country of my parents and culture, Mexico and the country of my birth, The United States, will play a pivotal qualifier for Brazil 2014. The US is coming off its first hexagonal win and an important three points. Meanwhile Mexico is off to its worst start with only two points out of a possible six. This game between CONCACAF’s powerhouses will prove vital in determining who gets their 2014 ticket… Read More

Blonde Hair, Don’t Care

Blonde Hair, Don't Care

My uncle Pedro, my father and my Uncle David (holding me) before a soccer tournament circa 1988. I inherited my father’s passion and love for the game.

Different Type of Football Styles

“…and Steven Gerrard with another long ball to an un-attentive Andy Carroll…” With Euro 2012 rapidly approaching, I’d like to take a look and explore the various styles of some of the major footballing nations.