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Where In The World is Eric M. Ruiz?

These past few months have been filled with a hectic travel schedule. And in the forthcoming weeks, I’ll make my way to Israel, France, The Netherlands and most likely Brazil. While physically I have and will be all around the globe, mentally I’ve been on a voyage as well. No, I haven’t lost my marbles or shaven my head (again) in a quarter life crisis. Rather I have found that the constant traveling.. Read More

How I Became Ridiculously Good at Remembering Names (And You Can Too!)

Besides my glorious head of hair and semi-decent grasp of French, I get complimented on my ability to remember names. I never really gave it much thought, because it’s a skill I’ve had since I was young. But as I’ve entered my professional career, I have come to appreciate my skill more and more. It’s no secret that remembering names is the fastest way to build trust and rapport. Those of us have.. Read More