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Top 5 Underrated Jay Z Songs

With my impending move to New York, I’m getting closer and closer to finally meeting the big Homie, Jay Z. But until then, I’ll have to settle for catching him at the SAP Center in San Jose tomorrow night with some fellow dsk alums. To hold me over until tomorrow night, I’ve gone ahead and listed some Jay-Z tracks that you have missed throughout the years… Check them out.

A Conversation With DJ Harrison: Hard Work, Beats and Piano Keys

“I grew up in a rough part of the city man. And my mom, she really wanted to keep me out of trouble. And music was her way of keeping me in line. So from an early age I had access to instruments and records. And that was really what set up my love for music.” I had been speaking with Devonne Harris, better known as DJ Harrison for a little over 45.. Read More

Interview With Rapper Big Pooh: We Discuss Waze, the NBA and Upcoming Projects

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Rapper Big Pooh since his “Little Brother” days when the homie Eddie picked up a copy of “The Minstrel Show” in late 2005. That album served as one of our sound tracks to our various In N Out adventures. Great memories whipping around in the 93 Accord with the dsk kids! Pooh and LB may have parted ways (but not before serving us such epic records like.. Read More

Wazing Through Los Angeles

I just returned from a productive and amazing trip through the City of Angels. As with any trip to LA, I knew I would spend plenty of time on the road. Even driving from Santa Monica to Venice was an ordeal. And it’s only  few miles away! Luckily I had two things with me that make any drive bearable. You already know Waze is one of them. And in addition, I had some.. Read More

My Favorite Hip Hop Love Songs

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but beneath the cold, hard outer shell that is Eric Ruiz lies a deep, spiritual and complex man that enjoys the occasional love jam. So, without further ado, here are my top jams that you should be spinning come tomorrow (and forever).