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FC Barcelona and Hiring Internally

In May 2009, FC Barcelona defeated England’s Manchester United 2-0 to claim the UEFA Champions League crown. In addition to their victory over Man U in Rome, the Catalans won the Spanish Cup and The Spanish League to claim their first “treble”. It was a historic and rare feat, one that had only been done four previous times since 1967. Barcelona’s lineup that evening in Rome featured an eclectic mix of superstars, international.. Read More

Fernando Torres, Atletico Madrid and The Perfect Homecoming

In July of 2007, Atletico Madrid’s Fernando Torres bid adios to the only club he ever knew. After seven years on the first squad and after becoming the team’s youngest captain at the tender age of nineteen, Fernando Torres left the Spanish capital for English Premier League club Liverpool FC. In his departing letter to Atletico supporter’s, Fernando wrote that in his heart he hoped that “…this goodbye is an I’ll see you.. Read More

Hold On, I’m (Not) Going Home

Much of the summer sports hoopla has been around LeBron’s return to Cleveland. After four years and two championships in Miami, LeBron is coming home to the team that drafted him and the city that raised him. Going home is romantic, it’s sentimental and it’s nostalgic. But if you were to ask me, or new Chelsea signing Cesc Fabregas, you can never really go home.

Is Winning The Only Thing That Matters? A Look At Football and Business

It was very frustrating watching yesterday’s game between Mexico and the United States.  One team was playing to win and one team was playing not to lose.  Mexico came out attacking and had several chances to put the match away. The US meanwhile showed up to defend, dropping as many as nine players in there half to contain the Mexican forwards. After the first five minutes, it became apparent that the US was.. Read More

An FC Barcelona Fan Defends Cristiano Ronaldo

  El Clasico is upon us. And for many fans this boils down to Messi versus Ronaldo. Some will side with Madrid and the Portuguese winger, while others will support FC Barcelona and the little magic man. Each side will rally around their superstar while admonishing the other and their team.But what most people do not seem to realize is that you can like both players.