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On Moving To New York City: It’s Just Me, There.

“I’m not moving, I am just going to a new city.” I told Mary. “…but MARTIN” her voice screeched highly and her face contorted to reflect her confusion “that IS moving. You’re moving to a new city, that’s a big deal!” Mary had been suggesting for some time that we throw a going away party for me. But I was against the idea from the get go. I love parties as much as.. Read More

On “The Virtues of War”: Leadership, Strategy and Life.

Maybe it’s because I am convinced I am Aeneas reincarnated. Or maybe it’s because I’m drawn to the romance and adventure (wait that doesn’t sound right) of the ancient worlds that I’ve recently been on a historical fiction reading spree. As such, I recently finished reading Steven Pressfield’s “Virtues of War”. It’s a historical novel told from Alexander The Great’s point of view. We first meet Alexander as King of Macedon, but the.. Read More

Power Moves Only

Power Move: A move or action that advances you towards your goals. Deliberate and purposeful.  “Power Moves Only n***a.” So begins Big Sean’s verse on last summer’s “Control”. You know, the song that had the internet going nuts because Kendrick Lamar essentially assassinated your favorite rapper over a few bars? Yea that song. Despite the wordplay, jabs and controversy that the song caused, what stuck out to me the most were Big Sean’s opening words… Read More