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After several listens, I must say that “Yeezus” will do more for Kanye West than “MCHG” will do for Jay-Z.

MCHG is a good album, but it’s not anything we haven’t heard before. Yeezus on the other hand, pushes the limit on the genre and further cements Kanye as the most consistent and creative artist of the last 15 years.

It was hard to listen to both albums without comparing them. But with both releases so close together, it’s inevitable that comparisons will come about.

I cannot think of another time in recent memory when two of the best in a genre dropped albums within weeks of one another. We’re truly spoiled. And with the comparisons being inevitable, they will do Hov no favors.

MCHG reminds listeners why Jay-Z is still relevant. It’s a sonically outstanding album, no doubt. However  with the novel marketing and distribution and the short release window, Jay-Z had more to lose than to gain from his latest work.

Besides reminding people that he’s crazy, Kanye’s “Yeezus” forces us to reconsider what we know about hip-hop. It messes with our heads. The first time I heard it, I thought it sounded like a drunk “808s and Heartbreak”.

But the album has only gotten better with each passing spin. It’s a minimal, tribal and exuberant ride that follows Mr. West as he tries to absolve himself of his sins before fatherhood.

Both albums are great listens. But years from now, MCHG will be remembered for its novel distribution and Yeezus for being another stroke of genius from the Chicago native.