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Throwback Thursday, Hip-Hop Edition

I’ve been on the road a lot lately. And travel is only going to increase with extended stops in both Israel and NYC. So it should come as no surprise that recently, I’ve been losing track of what time and day it is. Luckily, you fine social social media hounds remind me that today, is Thursday. God bless you #tbt. So, in honor of everyone’s favorite retro day, I’ve compiled a small list.. Read More

A Conversation With DJ Harrison: Hard Work, Beats and Piano Keys

“I grew up in a rough part of the city man. And my mom, she really wanted to keep me out of trouble. And music was her way of keeping me in line. So from an early age I had access to instruments and records. And that was really what set up my love for music.” I had been speaking with Devonne Harris, better known as DJ Harrison for a little over 45.. Read More