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Wazing Through Los Angeles

I just returned from a productive and amazing trip through the City of Angels. As with any trip to LA, I knew I would spend plenty of time on the road. Even driving from Santa Monica to Venice was an ordeal. And it’s only ¬†few miles away! Luckily I had two things with me that make any drive bearable. You already know Waze is one of them. And in addition, I had some.. Read More

How I Became Ridiculously Good at Remembering Names (And You Can Too!)

Besides my glorious head of hair and semi-decent grasp of French, I get complimented on my ability to remember names. I never really gave it much thought, because it’s a skill I’ve had since I was young. But as I’ve entered my professional career, I have come to appreciate my skill more and more. It’s no secret that remembering names is the fastest way to build trust and rapport. Those of us have.. Read More

Come So Far, So Far To Go

It was a year ago yesterday that I landed in the South Bay. At the time, I had no idea what would lie ahead. But looking back, I cannot help but be grateful for all the lessons and blessings that were given to me.