The Wine Man
The Wine Man

I’m very proud to introduce someone whom I’ve learned much from through out the years. He’s a social media guru, a best selling author and just an overall badass dude, Gary Vaynerchuck. And he was kind enough to stop by and chat for a few minutes.

Some great takeaways are:

  • Information is a commodity. Personal engagement is high value.
  • “Scaling the unscalable”. Building personal relationships is tough, but worth it in the long run
  • Social Media is a long term strategy that turns fans into your brands’ advocates
  • Part of being a great networker is being a great listener.
  • “Hustling” as we know it is about connecting the previously unconnected and creating opportunities.
  • Rap and hip hop is great to listen to when you’re in Hustle mode!

To learn more about Gary and the amazing work he’s done, check out his INC Keynote from 2011

For more information and insight from G, follow him on Twitter! Also check out his best selling books “Crush It” and “Thank You Economy”.

Special thanks to Christa Fogleman for setting this up. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort in coordinating this. 🙂