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In Defense of Kanye West; The Last American Rock Star

Mr. West had one hell of a euro trip. In typical Kanye fashion, he ranted, yelled and screamed over weekend stops in London and Paris. Amongst the subjects of his fury were the Grammys, corporations and his own material. His London rant specifically made headlines because of his supposed diss to homies Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake.

An FC Barcelona Fan Defends Cristiano Ronaldo

  El Clasico is upon us. And for many fans this boils down to Messi versus Ronaldo. Some will side with Madrid and the Portuguese winger, while others will support FC Barcelona and the little magic man. Each side will rally around their superstar while admonishing the other and their team.But what most people do not seem to realize is that you can like both players.

Eat (Al)right When You Travel

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Over the last month, I’ve been to SD, LA, NYC (x 2) and Las Vegas. It’s been glorious. But if there is one downside, it is that this traveling takes its toll on my body. I’m not just talking about the fatigue either. I’m referring to eating habits. Even a few days of travel can throw off your eating schedule. So in effort to keep my body.. Read More

My Favorite Hip Hop Love Songs

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but beneath the cold, hard outer shell that is Eric Ruiz lies a deep, spiritual and complex man that enjoys the occasional love jam. So, without further ado, here are my top jams that you should be spinning come tomorrow (and forever).

An Open Letter, To My Roommate Thomas

I’ve had enough. Maybe it’s because you’re an engineer by trade that you have no regard for creativity. And thus your only objective is to get your result. But I will no longer stand idly by as you pollute this beautiful game we call FIFA 13.