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Sometimes, I Can Be an Ungrateful S.O.B.

I came home today after a long run and saw the following text from a close friend of mine: Walking into the gym I was dreading the workout to come, the gruesome leg day that is not only painful during but for the subsequent days to come. As I look up I see a guy rolling out of the gym in a wheelchair, and I think to myself “I wonder how badly he.. Read More

Is Your Hometown Boring? Or Are You Just a Boring Person?

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with a friend whom I hadn’t seen since high school. We were quick to recount our adventures over the past three years. I asked him what he was up to since high school. He replied with the usual “Same shit, different day.” Furthermore he expressed his disdain for the city and how he couldn’t wait to move away, as long as then timing was right.. Read More

Want To Increase Opportunity in Your Life? Learn How To Be a Pivot.

It’s really unfortunate that the word “pivot” has negative connotations in Silicon Valley. To pivot in the Startup Mecca means to change the direction of your company. It means that what you were doing wasn’t working, so now you must pivot and try something new.  Saying your company is going to pivot is to some extent say “LOL we have no idea what we’re doing.” I however, like and use the term. Albeit.. Read More

There Is No Such Thing As a “Whitewashed Mexican.”

“Wait, you speak Spanish?” By no means were Tom and I close friends, but we were acquainted enough that he was surprised to hear me speak Spanish for the first time. “Yea man. I’m full Mexican!” I replied casually. “I mean, I knew you were Mexican. I just didn’t know you were THAT Mexican” Tom said. Perplexed, I asked why I didn’t seem “that Mexican.” “Well, you don’t dress or sound Mexican. You.. Read More