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My Addiction in High School: Confession, Recovery

  The first time I did was at dinner at Olive Garden during my Senior Winter Formal. Once I had a taste, I knew I had to have more. On what was supposed to be a wonderful night spent with friends and a beautiful date, all I could think of was “how do I get more?!” I didn’t know anyone in the “cooking” business. And where would I get some at this hour?

UEFA Euro 1996: The Greatest Museum I Ever Visited Was A Soccer Tournament.

Although it didn’t feel like it, I grew up poor. My parents, at the time where migrant farm workers, typical of those found in the agriculturally rich region of the San Joaquin Valley in California. They worked long, hard hours with low wages. My siblings and I spent our elementary years bouncing between free and reduced lunch. Our parents would often buy us clothes two sizes big so that we’d be able to.. Read More