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Warrior Unveils New Liverpool Kit For 2012

Warrior Unveils New Liverpool Kit For 2012

Reminds me of the Liverpool of yesteryear. Retro inspired logo and a sharp gold combined with the all red garb make this a beautiful kit. Warrior Sport’s first foray into football did not disappoint. Let’s hope Liverpool’s next campaign does not either.

Different Type of Football Styles

“…and Steven Gerrard with another long ball to an un-attentive Andy Carroll…” With Euro 2012 rapidly approaching, I’d like to take a look and explore the various styles of some of the major footballing nations.

Badass United Manager Tinkering With Formations and Strategy

    Skipper tinkering with formations, lineups. Associated Press 2-2-12 “Honestly, if I could, I’d run with three forwards, two mids and whatever is left as defenders. You heard of Total Football? This is Blitzkrieg Football.” Manager O’Donahue said after Wednesday’s training session. The unorthodox manager has been adjusting his lineups and tinkering with formations this week.

The Girl Of My Dreams

  “…do we, uh don’t we stand up?” This was only my third “white” wedding, but I was pretty fucking sure that the guests were supposed to stand up once the bride and her father began their approach down the aisle. The song was beginning to play and the emcee had announced their arrival. Yet no one was standing up! WTF! I glanced around my table and all of my friends had a.. Read More