What I think it’s like talking to VC’s.













I’ve now been in Silicon Valley for two months. One of the hidden gems of working in the startup world is that you hear things that you will never hear anywhere else. Silicon Valley is like a bubble, it’s its own world. These are some of my favorite rumblings and quotes I have heard uttered around the area.

“We need more Jews in here.”

“The last thing we need is more Jews in here.”

“It’s like Groupon for dogs.”

“We’re out of tequila in the kitchen.”

“They got funded for how much? That was f***** stupid.”

“Dude I think I just saw Zuckerberg at Starbuck’s”

“How do you explain what a startup is to your parents?”

“Meeting. At the ball pit in 5.”

“What’s their exit strategy?”

“I think if Business Insider had a Top 25 Sexiest Men of Startups, I’d be easily in the top 5.”

“I saw it on TechCrunch.”


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