“The ‘Creative Life’ Is No Longer One of Many Economic Options; It’s Now the Only Option We’ve Got.”

Hugh MacLeod is a marketer, cartoonist and one of my favorite authors. I came across his book Evil Plans while fighting through the Twighlight crowd at a soon to be closed Borders in Modesto.

One of his entries specifically stuck out to me, the aforementioned entry on creativity. My classmates and I graduated at the height of a recession. A dwindling job market has not been kind to us. And it is will not get any better. Year after year, schools issue a record number of bachelors degrees, diluting the value of the degree and adding more competition for the small job market.   “College-educated workers are more plentiful, more commoditized and more subject to the downsizings that used to be the purview of blue-collar workers only.” (Wall Street Journal, 2008) What is a college grad to do? The creative life, says Hugh, is now the only option we have left.

Have an idea thats been looming in the back of your head? According to Seth Godin, their is no better time to start something than now. While many people are busy applying to a menu of jobs, you should take this time to reasses your values and step outside your comfort zone. Depending on how you view it, this is either the worst stretch for the 90’s Babys, or the most opportune time to make a difference and create something of value. The choice is yours.