Andrew Garfield is this weeks Man Crush Of The Week

In order to be considered for this prestigious title, one must meet several criteria.


1. You cannot be Cristiano Ronaldo

2. You must have done something badass and/or awesome to merit  recognition.

3. At some point, you must have had a beard.

4. You cannot play for the Miami Heat.

5. You must not have done anything to be labeled a “pussy.”

6. You must not have at any point, appeared on an MTV “reality”  show.

Past Winners:

Week 1: Christian Bale

Week 2: Mario Gomez

Week 3: Yoann Gourcuff

He dazzled us as Mark Zuckerberg’s BFF turned frenemy Eduardo Saverin and soon enough he will amaze us as Peter Parker in the ‘SPIDERMAN’ reboot. What isn’t their to like about Garfield? He’s English and has a head of hair that would make Troy Polamalu blush. If I ever get a 3D biopic film, and I probably will, I want Garfield to play me. He’d make a better Mexican than me. I have added “Hug Andrew” to my bucket list.