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Hold On, I’m (Not) Going Home

Much of the summer sports hoopla has been around LeBron’s return to Cleveland. After four years and two championships in Miami, LeBron is coming home to the team that drafted him and the city that raised him. Going home is romantic, it’s sentimental and it’s nostalgic. But if you were to ask me, or new Chelsea signing Cesc Fabregas, you can never really go home.

It’s Your Ethical Responsibility to Be Fit

For the past few months, I have been working with Adam Gilbert on my diet and fitness. With his help I’ve added muscle and have become stronger. I have a way to go, but Adam has set me on the right direction. More importantly he helped me realize that it is my ethical responsibility to be fit and healthy.

Summer School For Entrepreneurs

(This post originally appeared on   In high school, summer school had terrible connotations, like failing algebra. Summer school was always reactionary, used to make up course credits. You might be out of school now (some of us may have never needed it), but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the summer to check out new resources for training and reading. Summer school for entrepreneurs is now in session. Yes, I know it’s almost.. Read More

The (Wrongful) Pursuit of Happiness

“Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.” -Viktor Frankl, “Man’s Search For Meaning” If you ask any of my fellow alumni of The Great Recession what they want most out of life, chances are they will say that they “just want to be happy.”

On Moving To New York City: It’s Just Me, There.

“I’m not moving, I am just going to a new city.” I told Mary. “…but MARTIN” her voice screeched highly and her face contorted to reflect her confusion “that IS moving. You’re moving to a new city, that’s a big deal!” Mary had been suggesting for some time that we throw a going away party for me. But I was against the idea from the get go. I love parties as much as.. Read More

On “The Virtues of War”: Leadership, Strategy and Life.

Maybe it’s because I am convinced I am Aeneas reincarnated. Or maybe it’s because I’m drawn to the romance and adventure (wait that doesn’t sound right) of the ancient worlds that I’ve recently been on a historical fiction reading spree. As such, I recently finished reading Steven Pressfield’s “Virtues of War”. It’s a historical novel told from Alexander The Great’s point of view. We first meet Alexander as King of Macedon, but the.. Read More

Power Moves Only

Power Move: A move or action that advances you towards your goals. Deliberate and purposeful.  “Power Moves Only n***a.” So begins Big Sean’s verse on last summer’s “Control”. You know, the song that had the internet going nuts because Kendrick Lamar essentially assassinated your favorite rapper over a few bars? Yea that song. Despite the wordplay, jabs and controversy that the song caused, what stuck out to me the most were Big Sean’s opening words… Read More