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5 Johan Cruyff Quotes on Soccer and Life

Johan Cruyff is one of the most iconic figures in soccer. He helped reshape FC Barcelona, leading them to titles and records as a player in the seventies and as a manager in the nineties. Furthermore, he re envisioned how football should be played, embedding his philosophy of “Total Football” across the European continent. As the renowned writer Jonathan Wilson said, “Johan Cruyff invented modern soccer.” Sadly, Cruyff passed away on March 24th.. Read More

Fashawn and Our Relationships with Hometowns

Two hours south of my hometown of Modesto, Ca., is the city of Fresno. With a population just north of 500,000, it’s colloquially referred to as a “bigger Modesto.” The description is apt, as both cities share an agricultural heritage and both cities have fallen on economic hard times. Forbes has both cities ranked back-to-back as some of America’s Worst Cities For Jobs. And if that weren’t enough, a quick Google search has.. Read More

Yay Friendship! The Music Edition? Yup!

If you haven’t yet, sign up for my Yay Friendship! Newsletter. I want to share interesting things I come across and that I believe will add value to your life. Plus, it’s a good way to stay in touch. It’s pretty much the next best thing to getting a Hug and High Five from me. Here’s the February Edition that went out earlier this month.  

4 Lessons From Legendary Coach John Wooden

I am fascinated by a story former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden shares in his book Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections. At the first squad meeting before the beginning of each season, Coach Wooden would take the time to personally show his players how to properly put on their socks. “Carefully roll the socks down to the toes, ball of the foot, arch and around the heel, then pull the sock.. Read More

FC Barcelona and Hiring Internally

In May 2009, FC Barcelona defeated England’s Manchester United 2-0 to claim the UEFA Champions League crown. In addition to their victory over Man U in Rome, the Catalans won the Spanish Cup and The Spanish League to claim their first “treble”. It was a historic and rare feat, one that had only been done four previous times since 1967. Barcelona’s lineup that evening in Rome featured an eclectic mix of superstars, international.. Read More

Ten Songs For Throwback Thursday

I love Throwback Thursday. Mostly because I love to reminisce and share pictures of when I used to be fat. Which was basically like 5 years ago. Hooray at no longer being chubby Eric. But perhaps the biggest reason why I enjoy Throwback Thursday, or #tbt as the kids call it, is because it gives me an excuse to share and talk about the music from years gone by.

FC Barcelona and How Not To Panic

On Sunday, FC Barcelona won their 5th La Liga Championship in 7 years. Next week, they will play Athletic Bilbao for the Spanish Cup title. And on June 6th, they will face Juventus for the Champions League title. They can end their season with a historic treble. Three titles. Rare and historic. What a difference a few months make, for it was in January that the club was in seeming disarray.

The Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

My colleague Jordan (hello sir!) says that most of my coworkers hate me because I’m always happy. That’s the best backhanded compliment I’ve ever received! I never really considered myself a happy person, I just assumed everyone was the same. Now that I’m more mature and not just an overgrown 12-year-old at heart, I can see how I stand out because of my seemingly constant happiness. Before I continue, I’d like to clear.. Read More

Full Interview With Grantland’s Shea Serrano

Shea Serrano is a staff writer for sports and pop culture site Grantland. He’s the author of Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book and The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979, Discussed, Debated and Deconstructed, which will be in bookstores this fall is now available for preorder (order it now so Shea can see that this interview was totes worth it).

Letter To My 22-Year-Old Self

Hey Eric, This is going to sound like an episode of Futurama, but I’m writing to you from 2015. Surprise! I’m the 2015 version of you. Don’t freak out, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. And no, the Raiders still haven’t made it into the playoffs. But the Warriors are looking great!