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The (Wrongful) Pursuit of Happiness

I think I'm doing this right.

I think I’m doing this right.

“Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.”

-Viktor Frankl, “Man’s Search For Meaning”

If you ask any of my fellow alumni of The Great Recession what they want most out of life, chances are they will say that they “just want to be happy.” Continue reading

World Cup Memories: Mexico v. France, 2010.

Chicharito dribbles around Hugo Lloris to give Mexico the lead during their group stage match in the 2010 World Cup

Chicharito dribbles around Hugo Lloris to give Mexico the lead during their group stage match in the 2010 World Cup

The World Cup is less than three months away. What better excuse to fish out and share my favorite World Cup memories? Continue reading

On Moving To New York City: It’s Just Me, There.

Nas, what's up God's Son?

Nas, what’s up God’s Son?

“I’m not moving, I am just going to a new city.” I told Mary.

“…but MARTIN” her voice screeched highly and her face contorted to reflect her confusion “that IS moving. You’re moving to a new city, that’s a big deal!”

Mary had been suggesting for some time that we throw a going away party for me. But I was against the idea from the get go. I love parties as much as the next 26 year old, but I didn’t feel that this was a anything that warranted a party.

For one, I didn’t want all the attention on me. I hate that. Secondly, I didn’t want to jinx my move. I thought that if we threw a party, that the move would fall through and I would have had to explain to everyone why I was back in the bay area and not in New York.

But most of all, I didn’t want a party because it honestly didn’t feel like I was moving anywhere. Sure, I was going to a new city, in this case New York, but I  wasn’t changing. It was just going to be me, there. Continue reading

On The Hypocritical Backlash Towards Richard Sherman

Maximus yells at the audience in the aftermath of the 49er's-Seahawks NFC Championship

Maximus yells at the audience in the aftermath of the 49er’s-Seahawks NFC Championship

“Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?”

Russell Crowe barked out these iconic lines in the critically acclaimed “Gladiator”. But his words could just as easily be uttered after every football game. Continue reading

On “The Virtues of War”: Leadership, Strategy and Life.

Steven Pressfield's "Virtues of War."

Steven Pressfield’s “Virtues of War.”

Maybe it’s because I am convinced I am Aeneas reincarnated. Or maybe it’s because I’m drawn to the romance and adventure (wait that doesn’t sound right) of the ancient worlds that I’ve recently been on a historical fiction reading spree.

As such, I recently finished reading Steven Pressfield’s “Virtues of War”. It’s a historical novel told from Alexander The Great’s point of view. We first meet Alexander as King of Macedon, but the story interweaves across various years as the king tells us about his childhood, ascension, reign and finally, demise.

Pressfield does wonderful work delving into Alexander’s mind, giving us an intimate look at how Alexander strategized for war, reign and life.

The book is filled with wonderful quotes, insights and passages. Here are three that resonated with me.

Continue reading

Power Moves Only

Power Move: A move or action that advances you towards your goals. Deliberate and purposeful. 

“Power Moves Only n***a.”

So begins Big Sean’s verse on last summer’s “Control”. You know, the song that had the internet going nuts because Kendrick Lamar essentially assassinated your favorite rapper over a few bars?

Yea that song. Despite the wordplay, jabs and controversy that the song caused, what stuck out to me the most were Big Sean’s opening words.

Power. Moves. Only.

Those words, that phrase, have become a mantra for your truly. And I’m here to share that manifesto.

I’m sure it meant other things, if anything to the creator of “Control” but to me the phrase means that every move or action s is deliberate and serves as a stepping stone for an ultimate goal. In other words, there is no wasted action or time. You do things because they serve a purpose.

It’s as if you asked yourself, before any decision, “will this get me closer to my ultimate goal? Is this going to help me in the long run?” If the answer to either question is yes, then you proceed.

Sometimes though, not doing a “move” is a Power Move.

For example, after years of chewing tobacco, I finally decided to quit one November of 2012. Yep, been tobacco free for over a year now. I decided to cut the bullshit and stop making excuses. Very simply put, is this habit of any benefit to me? No.

And just like that I quit cold turkey.

Maybe it works out that “Control” birthed this mantra. After all , if you only focus your time on moves that advance you to your goals, you’ll always be in Control.

Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

Welp. I'm out.

Welp. I’m out.

There are two kinds of advice my generation seems to get. Continue reading

Top 5 Underrated Jay Z Songs

"These are the Raiders?" Jay Z visits the Bay Area...

“These are the Raiders?” Jay Z visits the Bay Area…

With my impending move to New York, I’m getting closer and closer to finally meeting the big Homie, Jay Z. But until then, I’ll have to settle for catching him at the SAP Center in San Jose tomorrow night with some fellow dsk alums. To hold me over until tomorrow night, I’ve gone ahead and listed some Jay-Z tracks that you have missed throughout the years…

Check them out. Continue reading

My Favorite Advertisement (Why I Like Adidas More Than Nike).

Adidas released this memorable campaign in 2006.

Adidas released this memorable campaign in 2006.

It’s been 7 years since Adidas released this advertisement. But even today, it remains one of my favorite and most memorable commercials. It’s also the reason why emotionally, I’m in love with Adidas.

Take a look: Continue reading

10 Until The 10th: Day 2

It has been my experiences, both professionally and personally, that taking the time to remember someone’s name is the fastest and most genuine way to build rapport or make a connection. Continue reading

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